Inca® Pressure-Volume Loop (PV Loop) System

CD Leycom’s initial clinical research device, the CFL-512, was the predicate device to the Inca® PV Loop System, and had enabled physicians to quantify heart function using real-time PV loop hemodynamics. This achievement laid the foundation for the need to use PV loop hemodynamics for real-time clinical decision making for select cardiac interventions.

The Inca® Pressure-Volume Loop (PV Loop) System can improve diagnosis, optimize therapy outcomes, and reduce complications in areas related to:

Inca® PV Loop System

When compared to its predecessor, the CFL-512, the Inca® PV Loop System is in a class of its own. The Inca® is a clinical diagnostic tool that provides real-time, beat-to-beat cardiac function and performance analytics. The main feature improvements include:

  • Indefinite PV loop monitoring and intra-ventricular dyssynchrony quantification
  • Real-time, operator independent analysis of up to 60 variables with user-defined displays
  • ‘Plug and play’ capability
  • Reduced physical “footprint” (i.e. Inca modules are roughly the size of a shoebox)
  • Seemless integration with CathLab or Operating Theater monitors

In short, CD Leycom’s clinical PV loop system is a “…state-of-the art” (Kitzman, Editorial: Circulation 2008) cardiac performance monitor that will provide clinicians with unprecedented insights into cardiac function on an intra-beat and beat-to-beat basis.

Real-time RV PV Loop Acquisition in an endurance athlete. Video shared with permission via Dr. Bill Cornwell (University of Colorado – Anschutz Medical Center)

The Inca® PV Loop System is designed to be used in conjunction with CD Leycom’s high-fidelity, clinical PV loop catheters. These pigtail catheters are offered in 7F (with lumen) and 4F (without lumen) sizes and a variety of conductance electrode spacings to fit your intended patient population and surgical workflow.