BiV Sigma-M© PV Loop System

After several iterations of hardware development over the last three decades, CD Leycom is pleased to provide an ALL NEW Bi-Ventricular Pressure-Volume Loop (PV Loop) platform for pre-clinical research with our BiV Sigma-M© Pressure-Volume Loop (PV Loop) System. This technology is optimized for PV loop monitoring in both the left and right ventricle simultaneously, providing unique insights on left and right heart interdependence.

Like the clinical Inca® Pressure-Volume Loop (PV Loop) System, the SIGMA-M© is modular-based electronic signal conditioner-processor, which enables continuous calibrated measurement of ventricular volume by means of a conductance catheter combined with a simultaneous, high-fidelity pressure measurement. Together, real-time PV loop measurements are provided for non-human use.

Sigma-M© features:

  • Completely integrated system that provides hardware and software as a single turn-key solution
  • Expandable in a modular fashion
  • Real-time analysis for more efficient and cost effective studies
  • Hardware is software controlled simplifying system operation
  • Proprietary Conduct NT software supports data collected any CD Leycom PV loop system platform
  • Catheters are reusable in a pre-clinical model and competitively priced

PV Loop System History

CD Leycom’s first product, the Sigma-5DF, was designed to support pre-clinical research related to cardiac function disorders by providing enriched hemodynamic information. This technology was conceived in the early 1980’s by Professor J. Baan and his research team at Leiden University Medical Center.

Since then, over 300 PV loop systems for pre-clinical research have been distributed to life sciences laboratories worldwide, which has resulted in an impressive publication list.

CD Leycom Sigma-5DF Pressure-Volume (PV) Loop System