CD Leycom designs and develops medical devices for real-time PV loop hemodynamic monitoring.

CD Leycom was involved in the development of the first conductance catheters and remains the global leader in PV loop medical devices. The company currently owns patents (and has patents pending) related to the conductance catheter technique.

CD Leycom’s headquarters is located in Hengelo, The Netherlands, which provides the Marketing, Sales, Regulatory, and Clinical Support business functions. The company places emphasis on Research & Development and supports active involvement from world renowned physicians and scientists in the field of cardiovascular research to help guide product development.

In addition to volume, intra-ventricular pressure is recorded simultaneously to produce continuous, real-time images known as Pressure-Volume Loops (PV loops). PV loop hemodynamics are widely recognized as the “gold standard” of cardiac function and performance, which are actively being used in various cardiac interventions for improving clinical diagnoses and enhancing the intra-operative experience.

CD Leycom